Friday, 13 December 2013

All wrapped up

I have had a lot going on recently so I do apologise for my absence! Michael had his medals parade (for serving in Afghanistan) on Monday so all the family went up on the Sunday. Medals was incredible, and Michael made us all very proud- I will share some photos another day :) whilst there I stayed another day (the Tuesday) so we could view flats in area as it looks like my job is going through (no contract signed yet though!) 

Back to reality, when I got home mum and I worked on my dress for a masquerade ball (more on that another day!) and then I have been frantically packing in between working as I am graduating next week. I left a lot of friends when I moved home from uni, so Michael and I are going up 3 days early to catch up with everyone! We are couch surfing, to have the most time with people and save some pennies, so I have bought each of the hosts gifts. I've had a lot of fun wrapping my Christmas presents this years and I wanted to see what I could come up with these little tokens I gratitude. 

Here's what I decided on:

I'm pleased. The odd shape one has annoyed me because it isn't uniform and perfect like the others. But that's just another reason to love it really. 

Oh and here's how I've been doing my Christmas wrapping, seen as we're on the topic- 

Unfortunately I might still be a bit AWOL this week. Sun- Weds I am staying with the aforementioned friends, Thursday I have work, Friday I have the ball previously mentioned, Saturday is for work and so maybe I'll see you again on Sunday, but hopefully before, huh? 

Have a good week, and this weekend, far too ahead of myself now. 


  1. Wow those are some crafty wrappings, you put so much effort into them! :)

    1. Yeah, and I'm really pleased with them! I just like seeing them all nice under the tree :p

  2. man much better than my wrapping skills, mine always look like they got into an horrible accident.