Friday, 20 December 2013

Masters Graduation

So, I took a long ol' trip up to Leeds from Sunday - Wednesday this week, so I could visit lots of friends (Gemma, Gaynor, Theana, Harriet, Bex, Ben, Eley, Jess, Kate, Joss, Sally-Ann, Mark, Stevie, Lauren, Allison and Colin to name just a few), and also graduate! Both sets of parents came up on the Tuesday night and we arranged ourselves on the Wednesday - there were professional photos, graduate receptions and hundreds of people milling about. I got two colours on my hood this year, to signify that I was a postgraduate student graduating, which felt pretty special, and I also got a sweet little pin with the Leeds uni crest on it!

dad Michael me granddad nan

Gemma and I 

La grandparents

Collecting the certificate

Stevie and I 

Wayne, me and Mum.

All in all it was a good but busy day, and the weather on the drive back was awful!! But still, we made it home alive :)