Sunday, 15 December 2013


So as I've mentioned before, maybe just once or twice ha, Michael served 6 months in Afghanistan this year. His family and I attended a whole day organised just to celebrate everything they achieved. This went on from 10 in the morning, to past 10 at night. With a 5.50am wake up call that neither of us were used to, though, we certainly didn't make it to 10pm!

Salisbury Cathedral  

Far right
(at this point we all did a mexican wave of cheers, they couldn't help but laugh)

getting his meal - if you can see the officers, he's the one being handed something

It was a really lovely day, followed by a hog roast, some fair ground rides, meeting his pals, fireworks (from his room) and an early night. I couldn't have asked for a better day, which is making me miss him all the more right now, but his Christmas leave starts on the 13th so all shall be well again :)


  1. Medal time is fun time!

    Do you mean he is off on the 23th? if so it is only 5 more days...if my fingers haven't let me down. It looked like you had some good weather too.

    1. or did you mean last friday...i am confusing myself so badly now!