Monday, 2 December 2013

Tutorial galore

Anyone who has me on pinterest will currently see that I am slowly becoming obsessed with easy hair tutorials! Here are a couple that I am crushing on and definitely going to be trying:

Have you ever tried any of these? would you? I'll let you know how mine go! 


  1. You too? I am obsessed with finding hair tutorials! I will definitely try out the first and second one!

    1. Oh but something that bugs me on pinterest sometime sif the directions are not clear, because I am stupid I need a step by step guide that explains it to me like I am 6 years old.

    2. Oh yeah, couldn't agree more. There are a couple that I'm like " STEP 5 - what is that? You didn't say you were gona use that and I don't know what it is? where do I get one? WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" and it just goes wrong wrong wrong. But I like to browse and pretend.. and just stick to the simple ones!