Friday, 20 December 2013

We all know I love a bargain...

So, my very good friend Thomas has just managed to pass out of the Navy! Well that sounds peculiar and perhaps I haven't said it right. He has completed training to become an officer in the Navy, and, as a super friend, I have been invited to be his guest for the passing out ball. Well, I think we all know I love a bargain, and with a strict dress code - dress only, length between mid calf and floor, no shoulders bare during dinner etc. I got planning and found:

Dress, never worn, eBay - £12.50

Shoes, Charity shop - £2
Cushion pads for shoes in case they hurt - free, already had them

Bag, Charity Shop - £1.50

Shawl, Free - the dress came and it was far too big so mum and I altered it. With the excess mum craftily made a shawl, meaning the colour was perfect and my shoulders won't be exposed

Earrings, Matalans - £3

Hair, 99p store - 99p. I think I'm going to have either a bumpit in, and a lot of hair pins or just a lot of hair pins.

So my whole outfit comes to a tidy £19.99! 

Goats cheese poached pear and Parma ham starter. The main was a type of served buffet, and the stew was tasty. 

Toms foolish trifle 

My incredible lemon meringue that we thought was cheesecake 

(Swap the paper for poker chips) 

Poker! We bowed out with a 4 grand win- those tables were awful busy! 

The whole night was incredibly fun and it was a super event to share with someone you are proud of. The dresses were gorgeous, the people were so friendly and the drinks were ridiculously cheap. The whole evening was a hit and I'm so glad I got to go! 


  1. your dress is beautiful! what a bargain! looks like you had a such a great night!!
    Have a great christmas!!!