Sunday, 29 December 2013

Photo dump/mammoth weekly roundup

haven't done a weekly catch up in months so here's going to be one HUGE photo dump, but I'll try and keep it snappy (hehe). 
Bucket O ribs and sweet potato chips 

Almost wished my name began with an A when I found this for 99p

My boyfriend, ladies and gentleman 

Hairstyle for the ball

Dressing table I'm loving

Hehe the pup loving the head massager 

Isabelle storing kitchen utensils in my boots 

Lovely sofas that 'aren't Michael's thing' 

Christmas Eve round the British Legion with the grandparents 

Good ol' bumpits

Christmas raffle fun 

Mm lovely bath 

The best chocolates! 

Michael got a little wet pumping up his tyres 

£100 charity shop writing table :( 

Starting to get organised for my new job- always wanted one of these. Gona be so pretty. 

Bargain presents for mum- she can get her craft on! Not that she needs ANY more craft stuff ;) 

Fewf- I won't bombard you with any more photos from my life, I will just try and do weekly round ups more regularly again :) have you had a good week? 

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  1. Lolol, I enjoy those funky head massagers just as much as the doggie :p