Wednesday, 25 July 2012

AWOL Annie

Sorry it's been so long! I'm working 10-4 which is quite perfect because I get a mini lie in and I still have the evening to do fun things and enjoy our week of British summer! I woke up early this morning, half an hour early!!, and I just couldn't convince myself to get out of bed. Then I thought to myself, yeah but you could blog and you haven't in a while. So here we are, you guys got me out of bed and that is more than helpful as I got some other stuff done too :)

So on Monday evening I caught up with a very good friend, Rachael. We're both at different unis and in different places in our lives but I just love it when you can come back together, have a massive catch up, and feel like you were never apart :)

we took a long walk through the lanes to the beach, it was a perfect mix of warmth from sun and coolness from shade - especially with the amount of hills there was!

we went the wrong way

but it was still pretty

and we ended up where we wanted to :)

it's so pretty

it smelt sooo good

and on the way back, we saved a frog

there were beautiful views

and I just love it when you can see the full shape of the moon (not that this picture is clear, but I could see it)

yesterday after work, me and kitty sunbathed for an hour and then I went to the cinema to see the dark knight. OH MY GOODNESS IT'S GOOD. You need to watch all 3 but I recommend you do it, so good. But I am a geek for a good superhero.

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