Sunday, 8 July 2012

quick catch up

I feel like I've been up to loads since I last posted which is swell :)

Drinking beer whilst making clothes

So I went out to my mum's yesterday and we got to making a couple of things - a top and a skirt.. While I'm going to do a whole outfit post for the skirt I thought I'd share the top with you because I'm too excited to not show you anything!

It's just the same style as the others made, spoken about here, but still as cool

I did my nails cool.
 every time I look at them it reminds me of Easter because of the little foil eggs you can get??
which makes me quite happy :)

Whilst having Sunday dinner at my Nan's she admitted to having started to knit me a jumper for winter! From what I've seen of it I'm rather excited; I'm sure it'll be as nice as the one her sister made.

Today I spent the day walking around woodland with a friend which was a lovely way to spend the first bit of sun we've had in ages! We got pretty lost and ended up climbing through growth and over stones but it was a tonne of fun. He turned around to me and said 'just so we're clear, am I allowed to laugh if you slip and fall?' which shows we are pretty new friends because everyone knows the answer to that is yes, and I will laugh at you if you slip, even without your permission, as it is a genetic trait that I cannot stop myself. Cheers dad. 

Hope you had a lovely day in the sun :) 

p.s. currently loving this song.. MUM LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE I KEEP MEANING TO SEND IT TO YOU!


  1. Ahh, I love that top! You're so talented! I wish I could sew but I'm useless.
    The jumper sounds cool too! x

    1. It's really easy when you have a sewing machine, you just have to be patient! Definitely saves me forking out for new clothes though :p xx