Sunday, 15 July 2012

Family Day

It my nan's birthday tomorrow and my uncle came down to visit with part of his family, so we all went out for a carvery today. It was a very casual affair and I planned on just putting a skirt and top on, but as I started to put the outfit together I added some more things and it got a bit fancier. I've styled this skirt before, here, but this is something new :)

Serious attitude problem in this post, because I was kinda in a hurry I think!
Got my grey belt on again ;) 

I was very pleased with the heat and sun that was on display today! Was a nice little slice of summer which made me very happy. I don't have many plans for a little while now apart from my birthday on Wednesday, which will be a very special post indeed so look out!

p.s. if anyone did click the link to the previous post on this skirt, can you notice how much my confidence has grown whilst doing outfit posts? I look so timid and shy and it was only December!