Friday, 20 July 2012

Nathan Outlaw

So as I mentioned in this post, I was lucky enough to be taken to Nathan Outlaw's two Michelin starred restaurant for a birthday meal. What first struck me when walking into the restaurant, which mainly serves fish, is that there was not one scent of fish in the air which highlighted how fresh the produce must be.

We were seated by a friendly waiter who took our coats and provided water for the table. We had  lovely seats right by the window so that we could look out into the bay. Although it started off looking like this;
but slowly got better to this; 

Dad at the restaurant

the menu and place setting

incredible bread, there was one with beer and one with cheese and rosemary
- I would be so fat if you could buy this stuff in the shops.

me at the table

Dad's starter -
Porthilly Mussels cooked in Doom Bar

my starter -
Porthilly Oysters No3s, Natural or Crispy, Lemon & Shallot Vinegar 

my main -
Grilled Whole Plaice with Parsley, Lemon & 
Garlic Dressing

dad's main - 
Oven Roasted Turbot on the bone with Tartare Sauce

I must add the waitress had a very good idea about what sauces went with what fish and we got what was recommended - to no disappointment! 

our sides were -
Buttered Lettuce & Peas (left) and Crispy Courgettes (right)

very satisfied customers

for dessert, we both got the same thing! -
Dark Chocolate Mousse, Caramelised Banana & Hazelnut Praline

The experience was brilliant and I loved going with my dad - we're very foodie kinds of people! it was a lovely day and also a nice drive to actually find the restaurant in the depths of Cornwall. 

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