Thursday, 12 July 2012

July Goals

I'm one of these people that worry about taking life for granted, that will sit in front of the TV for a whole day and not be worried, but if I do it for 2-3 days I'll feel awful guilty and like I'm wasting my life. I'm scared about how quick July seems to be getting away from me because I know that only gives me one proper month before I'm back at uni. I know you might say that it's still a whole month, but I've been back since June 30th and I haven't done an awful lot. To combat this guilt and worry, I wanted to make a couple of achievable goals so I can look back and see that I haven't wasted the month. 

  1. Read one Journal article a day. Doing this masters course is a big step: it's a whole lot of money, it's an academic step up and it's another year away from employment. I don't want to mess it up and I think reading just one article a day will give me a lot of background knowledge to draw on. 
  2. start reading Harry Potter. I know, I know! I've watched all the films a gazillion times but I've never enjoyed the books, this must change this year. It's certainly a goal.
  3. a bit more blog structure. I have lots of ideas for weekly posts that I haven't had time to start before now but also because I'm hesitant in case they don't work or in case I forget. I'm going to have to take the plunge and do it else I'll never know. 
  4. more cooking adventures! There are so many recipes out there that I should take advantage of whilst I'm home and my parents might buy ingredients :p
  5. nature walks. I want to do it from the exercise aspect but also because I come from a lovely seaside town and there are tonnes of photo's waiting to be taken and cute crevices waiting to be explored.
  6. day trips with the old folk. This one I've already started; I want to take my grandparents out once a week or once every two weeks if I'm working. I love spending time with them and it'll be a nice day out together. 

I think this little list will get me back on track for the month, I certainly feel better having written it and having all my ideas in one place! Do you ever just need to get your ideas out?

p.s. I've revisited this at the start of August and crossed off the ones I have managed to accomplish! This first I started well and made my way through around 8 articles, but that was short lived. I MUST get back into it. And cooking - no one wants to cook once they've worked a 10.5 hour day and get in at 8.30pm, I'm still trying though!

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