Monday, 9 July 2012

What I wore: Charity

So, as mentioned in this post, my sister and I went charity shop shopping the other day. I think she's a good luck charm for me as I never find anything worthy if I don't take her along too! I managed to find this sweet little dress in the second shop and bagged it for a cheeky £3! it has a Jane Norman tag so it's pretty swish :)

Here's the first photo I took that I sent to some friends as I was so pleased ha

but here it is in all its glory;

Gahh what a temperamental camera. 
one in-focus photo and the rest are blurry. 
Not that you can see in these photo's but I've got a black suede pair of kitten heels on,
just for a bit of height and to make my legs look swish :)

as you can see it is quite bright but I think it's completely lovely! It is a weenie bit small and squishes things up top as you can see haha but for £3 even if I had complaints they wouldn't be worth making really would they? Do you browse charity shops? Have you found anything great recently? Link me, I'd love to see :)

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