Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What I wore: Blue Heart

As I mentioned in this post, my mum and I have been making a couple of things recently. Not only a couple of cute tops like we've made before, but we also branched out to a skirt this time! I got the material from trago mills (general discount store) for about £3.80 a metre but I only needed half so it was very cheap. We followed this as a general guideline that was helpfully found through pinterest :)

It is just the skirt, but I made the grey belt especially too. I will probably make another skirt the next time I find some sweet material so I'll do a little photo tutorial, although the one linked really is comprehensive enough!

It just is what it is

I just love it because it's gona be so versatile, I've already worn it with two different tops! Certainly will be making more as soon as I find some material I love :) 

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