Sunday, 1 July 2012

Armed Forces Day

So yesterday, for Armed Forces Day, Natalie and Andy picked me up at about 9.15 and we headed on up to the Hoe to see the displays! There were so many tanks/vehicles/aeroplanes/helicopters/guns on show, it made me miss Michael because he would have been able to tell me everything about them all! Plus he gets so excited like OOH THAT'S THE BLAH BLAH and it's so cute to see. I really wanted to be involved in the day as a whole because I'm so proud of everyone in the services, it's such a brave and honorable decision to join and it's lovely for the people who have families to share a day with them, especially if the children are young!

Sorry about the quality of these photo's, they're taken on my phone and sneakily - I need to get over my fear of people thinking I'm weird for taking photo's of everything.

This was the running order of the day - things from 9am-7pm! I like to take a picture of this because then I can keep consulting my phone when I want to know what's next rather than running over to the sign.

This Typhoon Jet made my sisters baby jiggle about a hide - she suspects it was scared!

The rifles! If you didn't know, Michael is a rifleman.

The band and bugles of the rifles 

After having all this fun, I then got called into work. At work I was asked to take some children back up onto the Hoe so I spent more time there! After work, Natalie, Andy and I decided that we wanted to watch the Red Arrows display, so more time!

They made an S! and I'm sure it was just for me. 

It was a splendid day and I love being able to show my appreciation to the boys and girls, as well as seeing lots of service men and women walking around looking so proud in their uniforms. I'm sad Michael wasn't here but I appreciate him everyday so it's alright :) did you get up to anything good for Armed Forces day?

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