Saturday, 28 July 2012

Birthday Photo's #2

second of two posts, first found here. Just a quick post to share with you my birthday swag! 
presents from Michael's family; perfume, bath bomb and the best chocolates

another knitted jumper from my great aunt, as mentioned here

a whole goodie bag from my sister! (my fave)

wasabi paste to make wasabi peas, sparklers

tic tacs, halloween (my fave holiday) stickers, nail varnish, tic tacs

and from nan, cycling shorts, musical candles and the cake she made. 

Lovely Lush goodies from my housemate, Rachael 

And Kate! sent me a whole parcel;
Balloons, Mustache book mark
Manipulated photo's of us together (we somehow have none?!)

Bounty Birthday cupcakes! These were so delicious :D

and lastly, my haul from Faye
every bike rider needs this.

My mum is getting me a push bike (when back at uni), dad got the meal and a necklace that hasn't arrived yet and Michael got me a special present that's just for me :) Theana and Harriet have a surprise waiting for me apparently...

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