Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday's Fadaise #1

I've recently been pondering all kinds of things. Mainly in relation to yesterday's post about feeling a little lost and like I'm wasting my time on Earth, but also because so many incredibly good things have happened to me in life, both big and small, and both ones I can remember and those I cannot. I don't want to ever lose these things and, while I have a little diary of all the great times I never want to forget, I thought a new feature that I'm going to be introducing would mend the gap.

I really honestly am one of those people who is usually always happy and who can walk down the street and find 5 things that make me smile. I know some people, some of my friends, who don't have this attitude, so I wanted to share with all you guys the good little things about my day.

Fadaise: [fa-dez] nf, silly remark; pl. nonsense.

My mum and I decided to go off to Totnes today as it's one of our favourite little villages and we always have a lovely time (plus she treats me to lunch and some lace!). Great things about this day;

1. singing along with mum to Adele in the car (we do this every totnes trip, it's not the same if we don't)

2. Seeing this little fella (an odd mushroom) growing up high on the side of a wall

3. Seeing fudge being made and shaped in between serving customers

4. Having lunch at my favourite place, definitely recommend everyone to go there!

 5. having eyes bigger than my belly and not being able to finish the breakfast

6. random signs that I don't quite understand but appreciate it must mean something to someone

7. noticing how mums flowers have turned from purple to turquoise, how peculiar

7. my new poetry book *swoon* as mentioned here

8. my new lace, I like making myself imagine at least 3 things I'll do with it before I let myself fall in love with it 

9. the man driving behind me on the way home who let his dog sit in the front seat.

10. Lemonade ice lollies.

So yes, I'm already a fan of this feature because it means I have to be aware all day of what I'm going to write about later on, which means I'm always on the look out for lovely, smile-inducing things.

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