Thursday, 19 July 2012

photo and hour #4 - birthday edition, 21

FINALLY! My phone has been playing up since Monday which is why I haven't posted - I've been up to things and I wrote about them but without the photo's they just seemed rubbish, so please accept my apologies and lets move on...

As my smelly sister mentioned, yesterday was my 21st birthday and my lovely father took me to Nathan Outlaw's 2 Michelin star restaurant! I know I am a very lucky girl as we had starters AND dessert, that doesn't usually happen. So, I took a photo and hour - birthday edition - to share with you my day :)
830am, shower
930am, opening cards and presents (and making a list for the thank yous..)

10am Dad and I taking nice photo's for once :)

1030am, setting off for Rock, Cornwall

1130am, gah the rain is not my friend

same - waiting for dad in the loo

1230, got there a little early to walk around but it was peeing it down so we had some tea

and wandered around a lovely shop - I got this ladies name, really lovely items!

130pm, finally at Nathan Outlaw's (review of this soon)

The meal

we finished the meal around 3/315pm

330, driving back - I love Cornish lanes!

Stopping off at Trago's for some treats

430, seeing nan for my birthday cake! She's amazing at decorating, here's the one from last year. 

530, Michael's sister dropped off his surprise present and I noticed something about the card he bought...

630, swooning over a soon-to-be-mine (and personalised) lovely necklace from poppy and fern, also check them out of Facebook.

I then spent the evening planning some sessions for work and then visiting my sister and having a good long chat about everything! 21 certainly has treated me well, and I'm not as hesitant of getting older as I felt last year.

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