Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Shopping Haul

Mum and I met in town on Saturday, which is always nice - I haven't been to town since I got back but nothing much has changed to be fair! It's just so typical (sod's law as mum would say) that I found all the things I've been looking months for when I have no money. Well, I got them anyways! I literally have been looking for a pair of black stilettos since Christmas, and the 3/4 length leggings that I needed were in an offer so I couldn't pass that up either!

(snappy backs, never seen this before)
4 belts. I know, no one needs 4 belts. But come on. they were £1 each. 

I love this colour, and again, I've not seen a belt like this before


Cheapy primark sandals but I just needed something other than dolly shoes!

MAC powder, I have been too long without this.

Best Mascara known to man. 

and now.. I saved the best til last..

I'm gona try and get a snap with them on, they're amazing for flattering legs!

I'm a super lucky girl, mum treated me to the mascara and also a coffee and muffin. twas a lovely day :)


  1. WHAT A LOT OF LOOT! Those heels are well nice and I really like all of those belts.

    I bought the same sandals for my holiday, you can push the heel strap forward so they're like flip-flops -- which I didn't know till recently and consequently cut them off when I was on holiday as they were uncomfortable.

    Bare Minerals have a really nice powder I'd like, I'm starting to find all my Mac stuff really clogs my skin up even if I spend ages removing it. Do you find that too?

    1. I know right, I'm so lucky! Hmm I'll have to give that a go because those shoes are just darn painful, it's like they want to hurt you.

      My sister uses bare minerals so she could give you an opinion/review. I'm still in love with mac I'm afraid.. perhaps you could try a different cleanser?