Monday, 30 July 2012

weekly roundup #2

So as mentioned yesterday this post is late because MICHAEL'S BACK!! He's been away for just over 6 weeks on army exercise and I love having him back. That said, I do now feel like today is Sunday and not Monday, so now I reckon I'm gona be off all week! This week's post is going to be a little sparse as I've just been working 10-4 on the playscheme and then sometimes 430-730 at another job. I find myself writing a to-do list in the day as I don't get the biggest chance to run errands! It's also going to be full of photos of the lovely weather, as I would probably put money on it being the only sun we see (that's kind of okay though, at least I managed to get a tan). So here goes;

view from my job, I got paid to go Canoeing on Thursday - hardly a job eh?

also got paid to go to a national park.. 

the coast,
old ruins
getting spoilt at a BBQ (this was for 3 people!)

a rather fruitful shopping trip with moma (post to come)

Harvester with Michael who's just too hungry and keen to let me take photo's
(kidding, he paused after I'd taken it ha)

my friend sent me this and said 'this reminded me of you'
hahaha, cheers. I'm so sassy. 

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