Friday, 28 September 2012


Similar to this post, on the day I was 'house sitting' I decided I also wanted to try making florentines. I was browsing the co-op which prompted me to look for recipes. I had some liquid glucose as I didn't use it in the truffles I made even though a recipe said we should, so I ended up using this recipe:

100gms butter
85gms sugar
28gms liquid glucose
30mls cream
100gms sliced almonds
30gms rolled oats

Bring the butter, sugar, liquid glucose and cream to the boil.
Add sliced almonds and rolled oats and simmer boil for a further 3 mins.
Spread the mixture onto a tray lined with baking paper. Cook at 190 degrees c for 8 - 10 mins or until golden brown. Cool, and while still warm cut into long fingers or triangles. 

I started by amending the recipe, I wanted to use hazelnuts and almonds, not oats. I then started chopping the nuts as I knew these would need to be ready when the mix was boiling.

Next I measured out the butter, sugar, glucose and cream

mixed together and placed in a saucepan

bring to the boil

add the nuts and boil for three more minutes

spread out on a baking tray covered with parchment

make sure it's even

then place in the oven for a further 8 minutes (I checked every two)

I checked it and it scared me! it was all bubbling up!

as you can see, mine got a little burnt, I am sure my mum's oven or trays are wonky

I broke mine up into bite size pieces as I was taking them to a BBQ. I've always been hesitant to work with sugar/glucose as from a young age I was taught that sugar gets very hot and you have to be cautious. I did try and make a tarte tatin one that didn't go well at all, so I think I'll try once more and if not, no more sugar play for me! They are very tasty little bites but they could have gone a lot better in my opinion.

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