Saturday, 8 September 2012

Friday's Fadaise #5

So, I've started this post a little early as there were a couple of things that happened on the Thursday that'd be just perfect for this post.
  1. I noticed I start a lot of my posts with 'So'. I can't tell if it's kind of annoying or not?
  2. Michael just said two things that make him happy - not having to wear socks, and running through a door before it closes (what an accomplishment). 
  3. On Friday, Michael and I went to the aquarium
  4. we also had fish and chips on the sea front
  5. we also had an ice cream (I had pistachio, he had bubblegum - I wanted some bubblegum and I know he didn't buy it just so I could try it, but I think to pretend he did!) 
  6. I went to my nan's for a wonderful last meal
  7. Michael came along for some rice pudding and got caught by my granddad haha
  8. I found Rose over at the Londoner making a new hazelnut hot chocolate drink - Michael and I are totally trying that out! 
Most of the days photos are on Michael's phone but here are some I managed to snap before my camera died


This is a shark sack, and the little dark shadow in there was wriggling around loads!
We both love those little hermit crabs although my love comes from Finding Nemo and Michael's never seen that

This guy kept making me laugh, they'd pop up in all kinds of crevices and had a little grin on its face

teehee, most of these are sleeping sharks but can you see that cheeky fish that's trying to blend in? we decided he wanted to be cool too, and he really is

This also made us chuckle, I said it was like the one on the left was in the corner because it was in a mood, and the one on the right was going over to see if it was alright, but then got close enough, knew it was in a mood and walked away haha.

I shall try and get the photo's off of Michael's phone tonight for the rest of the trip, and also the ones of his surprise trip (he enjoyed it, FYI :) )

Hope you had a wonderful Friday too - how's your weekend going? There won't be the regular weekly catch up tomorrow as I have to drive back to uni (boo) and I'll be in the car for about 5-6 hours.

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