Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday's Recipe: Pistachio Nut Butter

So for a long long long long long long longggg time I've wanted to make my own peanut butter, now in the house we only have pistachio nuts. I love pistachio nuts more than peanuts so it was only natural that I tried it out with those (I did google it before hand to make sure others had tried haha). Again, I didn't use a recipe because I watch far too many cooking programs and the recipe is already in my head, I reckon it'll be from Jamie Oliver or Saturday Morning Kitchen.

In essence I used; pistachio nuts, sunflower oil, honey. I used a blender and a spoon. So here goes!

I actually got this sweet little cooking utensil set from Lidl's for about £12 a little while ago
 so handy especially for soup!

So yes, I got the amount of pistachio's I wanted to try with...

Shelled them...

(took a moment to admire their beauty, what nice colours ha)


until it looked like this (because I like crunchy)

Then added some (accidentally too much) sunflower oil (not olive as this would add too much flavour of it's own, peanut oil would have been better obviously but I don't own any) and half a tablespoon of honey

and here is my pistachio nut butter! When you taste it you can tell I added too much oil but that's a lesson for next time - add little by little and just judge it. I hope you try this out- it's so easy!!


  1. Um... I love pistachios. This is the greatest thing ever.

    PS- how about I JUST NOW saw you had commented on my blog and I feel like such a jerk/loser for not responding. I will try to put a "follow" button up ASAP.... if I can figure out how.

    1. Seriously try it, it's really great! Naw don't feel bad, I'm glad your finally got in touch :) I'll keep an eye out for it! Xx