Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday's Recipe: Lentil Soup

So I was super nice on Thursday/Friday and went out to house sit my mum's house whilst she went on holiday for a couple days. Okay, so does it count as house sitting if you weren't actually asked to? alright, alright it wasn't so much doing them a favour, as taking some time out for myself to be alone. I got to do all kinds of things like walk around with no trousers on (haha), try out a couple of recipes, do some craft and organise some blog things.

I didn't use a particular recipe for the soup, I improvise too much. In essence I used; Garlic, onion, green lentils, vegetable stock, thyme and smoked bacon.

Chop the onion

Chop the garlic (but take out the green sprout as it can be bitter)
I tried to get all the ingredients chopped to photograph together like Drea, but my eyes were running far too much from the onions and had to put that in - I did use more garlic. 

Fry off the garlic and onions

Chop the bacon into bite size pieces and add in (I also got rid of the fat)
Fry off til cooked

add the vegetable stock, give it a good stir

add the rinsed lentils (just in a sieve - no need to soak green lentils)
add some thyme too, about a tablespoon

do all the washing up whilst you've put the lid on to let it simmer

the juices should mostly have been soaked up by now, 
and I chose to leave my this way but you could add more if you like a watery soup

I'm not the biggest fan of beans, I don't like the chalky feel or the way the cases come off in my mouth (think chickpea/pea/kidney bean/lentil) but I know all the aforementioned things are good for you. So I try and make myself eat them. This recipe was easy enough and took under an hour to cook so it is something I shall try and make more often! Do you like lentils? do you have a favourite recipe?

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