Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekly Roundup #8

This week has been very busy for me as I've moved back in to halls and started my new job. I'm pretty sure there are tonnes of food photo's as usual but I digress;

mm pate

so good, pitta and phili

nails that look like pearls

home made chips

sweet things at nans

dinner at nans

theana's fancy new utensils

Harriets lovely pedicure

a funny note found in the sleepy haze 

lunch at mums

Biscuits that remind me of childhood

Catch up with Kate!

Mmm, welcome back lunch with Theana

Michael's dinner one day

Night out with my Bezzie <3

Coffee like nans (tasted awful. need nan)

Being treated like a queen at Casa de Hickman/Greenfield

My fave spot at nan's

Michael's dinner in the field!

WELL. onto more exciting news, my lovely sister gave birth today!! She's had a beautiful, healthy baby girl (they didn't find out the gender), who weighed 8lb 6oz. She was born at 5:31am and both parents are just in awe, I can't wait to go home and see her and say hello, gona be the best Aunty Stacey there ever has been!

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