Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nails #2; Pink on Pink

This pink nail varnish (the one on the bulk of the nail) is quite possibly my favourite. Michael knows it as 'the one that makes me smile every time I look down and see it'. Because it really does, how can a nail varnish do that?! Anyways. The other colour on the tips is a gift from my nan, whilst it is a little gloopy the colour is amazing and I am a fan. I wanted these colours together as it is quite simple and you wouldn't really see unless you were looking, which is my kind of thing :)

Bad cuticles, my bad. 

Argh, they are just so pretty! I love them. The shades are '405 Rose Libertine' (left bottle) and '623 wishing on a star' (right bottle), both Rimmel as you can see :)

How's your Tuesday going? I'm off not a new lecture, wish me luck!