Thursday, 20 September 2012

Catherine's Guest Post #1

So, now I'm back at uni I don 't have a lot of time/resources to make lots of crafty pretty things so I thought, instead of letting my blog suffer, why not ask for a guest post?! I am more than happy to introduce you to my mother and her first ever blog post!
Hi, I'm Stacey's Mum and I've been invited to make a guest spot (I'm feeling very privileged!!) Welcome to my crafting world ..................

Wall Hanging Tutorial

I have seen lots of these types of things but wanted to personalise one with my own twist. You can choose your quote / sentiment, background colours and fonts - just make it your own!

I decided on the quote and cut pieces of stiff card into the arrangement I wanted - you can guess the sizes because at this stage you can still trim them down. 
Find the letters you want to use and lay them out on the card pieces so that you can cut to size. 
I found and painted up some card board letters, I used foil tape over letters and coloured it vintage and I printed a font out onto the backing paper and used Glossy Accents to give it some depth - basically the more varied the better, some capitals some lower case, whatever suits you. 
I used co-ordinating papers for the background and covered each piece back and front (if the back of yours won't be seen then you could just cover the fronts). 
I then ran each edge across a co-ordinating Tim Holtz ink pad to finish them nicely.
To make sure the pieces hang fairly straight you need to take a ruler and mark the holes for the chain / wool / string or whatever you have decided to join the pieces with.

I chose to use eyelets and used my hefty Cropadile hole puncher to make the holes and then added them (you don't have to use eyelets you could leave the holes as punched, especially if using a thicker wool or string as joiners). 
You do  need to think about where your letters sit in relation to the holes - you don't want the eyelet in the middle of your letters. 

Once you have decorated each piece and joined them together, you can add any extras you want, like buttons or peel offs, butterflies or flowers and Voila .......... you have your own personalised wall hanging ready to put up or to give as a present.

Hope you enjoyed this one - I'm looking forward to my next invitation - maybe for Christmas!!?

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