Sunday, 23 September 2012

weekly roundup #9

Again, it's a huge post filled with mainly food! Story of my life.

eggs for breakfast, what a way to start the day

mm mussels pasta

Lucky to be part of a super union - excited for TEED

showing Michael my nails and all the hard work I was doing ha

I loved that guys back, he was edgey

He will not stop going on about these graze boxes haha

I don't think many of you realise how much I like chicken wings

Cocktail night for a friends birthday

Laughing our tiddly heads off at Barlic bread

Secret Publicity tea

Can you see Michael's slippers? he loves those bad boys haha

Jealous of Michael's fry up

my favourite soup is on offer!

I am super tired today, I'm on duty this weekend and I've had numerous calls. Excited for 8am Monday when I can pass the responsibility back! Off to tidy my room some more, I wish I had that clean gene. Going to make a roast later though so that should cheer me up! How have you spent the weekend?

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