Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thursday 8th

I've had the best day! I knew it was gona be a busy one as I had a couple of things planned but it was just lovely. I met at hers then we drove into town as I wanted to buy a pair of coloured jeans. I've been so hesitant to even try them on cause I wasn't sure how 'me' they were, but I loved them so much I got two pairs.. oops. We then went onto the sea front, had lunch and an ice cream, I went to get my locks chopped and then we went back to the sea front in a different part of town. We bathed in the suns glory for about an hour, then I went to a shop to sort things for Michael's surprise tonight (he's back early for a long weekend!)and then I popped in to see my grandparents as they love it when I surprise them!

annoying road works causing huge traffic build ups

So this is the days haul;
two pairs of jeans, a COOL moustache top, a new mug (I get a new one each year for uni) 2 sociology text books for £5!!!! CRAZY, Batiste hair spray and cough sweets for Michael.

a lovely dress in new look that I really want

The top on and a different shade jeans

a rather funny sign on the way back to the car

lunch on the Barbican

LANGAGE FARM ICE CREAM! so good, thunder and lightening

Lovely day :) trying to balance the camera on the wall whilst eating my ice cream haha

the second sea front

and this is Michael's mini surprise pack - I'm sure I'll share with you later what we got up to :)

How was your day?


  1. Yay! Finally got your coloured jeans!!
    Also met at who's?
    Looks like a good day though :)

    1. Yeah I did - and they are AWESOME! I can't believe I was a woos for so long. I met Faye at hers, apologies, reworded the sentence too many times. Was absolutely super! xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's from newlook - something silly like £8! xx