Monday, 14 January 2013


When Michael and I were in Morrisons the other day, everything was all sorted until we passed the flower area... Beautiful Hyacinths were on a table and best of all, they were only £1! I ran back to a self-service machine and purchased one in a zap. Mine is going to be pink, which I'm slightly regretting, I was hoping for a blue one but didn't realise it said on the label! I can't wait for them to open. We got snow today, did you? I am not a fan of snow, as a Southerner it is very foreign to me and just a nuisance.


  1. It rained here today (Toronto, Canada). I can't wait to see the flowers grow!

    1. Woww I didn't realise you were from Canada, I love that it's so easy to connect with people who are so far away these days! xx