Sunday, 6 January 2013

Weekly Roundup #22

With three family members in the hospital this week I haven't taken that many pictures! Michael and I have been hanging out most evenings but others than that it's just been a lot of essay writing. But... HOORAY! They are all in now! yippeeee! I spent the evening shooting my father with the nerf gun Michael bought me (we now have an on-going game) and watching Harry Potter (dad's suggestion!), and it's been rather pleasant :)

One of the only reasons I like Christmas

Nan and I on New Years Eve
(No I'm not a glory hogger, she wanted my hair to cover her face, we were joking around haha)

dad 'look Stace, look.. it's in a face, do you see what I did?'
errr.. yea dad. thanks.

Michael with a teabag in his ear, he's a monster.

Don't aim for the eyes kids (unless you're me. it's hilarious)

Oh hey Michael in my new knitted jumper 

and lastly, I have a little confession to make. 
I went from kind of hair (that I've had since I was about 15)

to this. I'm still not sure about it and getting used to it.

what a lovely evening sky :)

How has your week been? are you back into the routine after Christmas? I definitely am not.. and it certainly doesn't feel like Sunday.


  1. My boyfriend has recently become obsessed with nerf guns. He's even started modifying them.

    1. Ha! your boyfriend and I should have a few words! My barrel keeps getting stuck for some reason. They're so much fun. How many times have you been shot by him?! xx

  2. hope your familt gets feeling better