Friday, 18 January 2013

York 16/1/13

I have a friend on my new course who is from Canada and is very interested in visiting lots of cities in the UK before our year of studying is up. This is really lucky for me because not only is she really funny and a great friend, she's also helping me complete some of my new years resolutions/year goals of visiting other cities more and going on more trips! So first on our list was York, because another course friend lives there and she said we could use her York cards and go into touristy things for free, yippee! Here are some photo's of the day;






We had a lovely day out and only had to pay for the train! what a bargain!! Have you ever been to York? What cities are your favourite in the UK? We're making list! 


  1. It looks gorgeous! I've never been to the UK but would love to go :(

  2. Oh wow it looks beautiful. Me and my boyfriend have just booked a trip to York in Feb. Any recommendations?x

    1. Yes of course! I'd say definitely go to the Minster, it is so beautiful, there is also a wall around York that you can walk around when the weathers good which I wish I could have done(they shut it if it's dangerous and I didn't get to cause of the snow!), the gardens are really pretty, if you like museums the castle museum is really cool (it's not about castles that's just it's name), York Dungeons if that's your thing - I went to the London ones and wasn't that impressed so I chose not to. Betty's is a good experience if you like going out for tea (rather expensive though).. if you'd like more ideas I can think of some! xx