Saturday, 5 January 2013


I've been looking for a pair of heart-patterned tights for ages. literally ages. I was inspired by my friends in this photo.

I've searched proper hosiery websites, I've looked at topshop every time I've been shopping; anywhere that sells tights I have looked. and never found any. until now... Marks and Spencers (who's tights I love anyways - they NEVER ladder, and even if there's a hole it doesn't cause a ladder! Couldn't rate them any higher) have a pair! Hurrah! Well actually, they have two pairs that I like.. a heart patterned pair and a dotty pair.. heaven. And at £3.50, I'm definitely going to get both pairs.


they aren't exactly like my friends as they hearts are in lines (which is the only downfall in my opinion) but I will love them anyways - I also chose for them to be dark because the light ones didn't look right.
If you like these tights too the link is here