Monday, 28 January 2013

Nails #8 pastel graffiti

Similar to the galaxy nails and the graffiti nails I've done previously, I tried out something new with pastel colours! I also decided to add some silver lines on top, because I just felt like it needed more. I love them but they're just not as good as the galaxy nails, I think I'll have to do them again soon.

I also made the foolish mistake of doing this at half ten, now I'm still up waiting for them to dry :| (it's 12.15am) Hope you're having a good Monday!


  1. Great nails! I hate waiting for nail polish to dry.

  2. Thank for the kind comment on my Circle of Friends layout. I also appreciate you understanding the idea of respecting the privacy of other people's children. I had a hard time posting my own for awhile. Glad you stopped by.

    1. You're welcome! It is a tricky one and a very personal one in my opinion so I'd respect everyone's wishes on the matter :) thanks for checking me out! xx