Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Roundup #36

I have had another good week, as I've been making the most of my last few days in my big city! I started out my week making popcorn on the hob - the old fashioned and best way.. without a proper lid ahaha.

I started packing with just one box.. that has now grown

I had a farewell dinner with Jess and Eley :) we had amaretto tea and blondies

I/Mum bought me some new skirts from a humorous charity shop (thanks mum!)

A friend visited for a day in my little area - 
a whole separate post on this else this post will never end haha

Rosi and I went to another little independent cinema to see man of steel 
(I love how cheap these are compared to the big chains!!)

I met my boss in town and we went to yo sushi for lunch (both addicted!) 
I bought a new lipstick (had a voucher) and a lovely necklace from New Look (£4!!)

A day out with my God mother - again, another post needed! and dinner with Rosi
Dinner at Theana's with Harriet - Homemade Gyros, incredible!

My beautiful flowers from Michael :)

Crushing on dream houses

It's been a lovely week filled with lots of friends and good fun. As sad as I will be to leave all my friends behind, I'm definitely ready to go home for a long while. I'm going to be redecorating my room so expect a post about that too!


  1. haha the shopaholic sign is so awesome



    1. I know right! definitely made everything okay :p