Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thirty interesting facts about myself?

that is a lot. I don't know if I'm interesting enough to have thirty. we'll see if they get more obscure towards the end...!

  1. I almost have two degrees
  2. I have been travelling with friends once
  3. I have two tattoos
  4. I have 9 piercings 
  5. I have one sister, a brother-in-law and two step sisters
  6. I have one niece 
  7. I'm lucky to still have grandparents; both of dads parents and grandma on mums side
  8. I like lots of teas, but not chai (same goes for coffee)
  9. I'm yet to read all of the Harry Potters but I am on 5/7 so I might get it done over summer
  10. I'm a cat lady, but I'm slowly coming round to dogs recently
  11. My hair is now so long I always manage to dip it in my tea (literally just happen)
  12. I would rather do other people's hair than make up - I like to try new things out and it's so much easier on others
  13. My favourite number is 18 
  14. I have really good, strong, nicely shaped nails - I'm very lucky
  15. I had braces for around 3 years
  16. I still have to wear retainers every night because I clench my teeth and it leads to tension headaches
  17. I've only ever worn strapless dresses to fancy events - I think I need to branch out
  18. Song lyrics just stick in my head, even if I don't like the song
  19. My boss and I actually play this game where I have to tell her what the song is before it's even got into it, I've only failed once ;)
  20. I have my grade 5 in musical theatre
  21. I also used to play the saxophone
  22. I have to wear glasses for long-distance viewing, and I have to have prism lenses because my eyes cross :(
  23. If I could afford it, I'd have lots of nice dress and only wear them every day (not anything else like jeans)
  24. I thought I could, but I cannot live without chocolate. Giving it up for lent was the hardest thing in the world
  25. I'm not even half way through Michael's first deployment which is a thoroughly depressing fact.
  26. I always think I'm not cool enough to pull off a certain new trend (hair ties, flatforms etc) and then I join the part super late and decide I want to wear it regardless.
  27. I don't have a problem with eating out of date food (if it smells/looks okay and it's not a ridiculous amount of time after the date)
  28. My eye colour is hazel, and whilst I feel super special having rare green eyes, I've always wanted blue
  29. I try not to take tablets e.g. painkillers unless I really really have to, and the only tablet I take willingly is my migraine medication.
  30. I've had penpals from all over the place; Russia, France, Germany and places in England. 

So there you have it, I did make it to thirty! Must admit that I struggled from 26 onwards though haha, hopefully you can't tell. Looking forward to reading everyone else's today!


  1. Stopping by from Paula's Place 30 day blogging. I don't mind eating out of date food if it still smells and looks good. Except milk I know it has the sale date on it but that's when I throw it away.
    I agree it was hard coming up with 30.
    Enjoyed reading yours

    1. Oh yes, I can still do milk as long as it smells alright!

  2. I would have never guessed you had that many piercings? Bellybutton?
    I think I also expressed my love for dresses hehehe, I wish more girls wore dresses because whenever I wear a dress people are like oh you going on a date? And I'm just like -_-, yea rub it in!

    1. yes, belly button and the rest are in/around my hears. What! that does not make sense. I wear jeans and dresses and skirts equally. I try not to wear jeans tbh, restricting haha

  3. You are lucky to have nice fingernails! Thanks for playing along

  4. Aren't you just the cutest thing! I loved reading your list and am in total agreement with you about the dresses. I just love the flow-y summery looking ones. They sort of remind me of the 50's, back when that's all women wore. Such a cute post!

  5. I have blue eyes and I always wanted green ones! About some trends I feel they are too silly to follow and then i come around to it and wonder why I didn't do it before.