Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Roundup #34

Are you ready for possibly the longest weekly catch up I will ever write? It's more like a monthly catch up, and there are gona be so many photo's I'll have to make them a medium size rather than large. I have been up to lots, but most of it has been sat at my laptop, writing away. I'm thoroughly enjoying my latest project though, so this is certainly not a complaint.

Whilst looking over everything I'm about to post about, I've noticed it's mainly drinks haha. I've moved away from my food and just onto the drinks it appears!

we had a course gathering - always tonnes of food and prosecco! 
I made veggie keema, Rosi had peach ginger tea
(huge post, little break here)

I had mint hot chocolate (one of my faves) and green tea another day - Rosi and I spent a lot of time at Costa writing our other essays that have already been submitted

mmm my favourite £1 coffee in a tin, Haz cooked Fee and I spag bol

dinner with Kate, Eley and Rosi - Eley brought lovely tulips

my lovely Turkish friend bought Rosi and I cakes at a lunch date

my sister sent a package! 

I ordered a medium, the lady accidentally made a small and gave me both for the inconvenience (I think it's cause she knows how much of a regular I am anyways!), my new favourite drink from Morrisons

dinner at Theana's. trying to wear my little blazer a bit more

Dinner with Eley (we had falafels!)

guess what I've started reading..! and another mint hot choc in the rain

teeheehee poo that swims. Mainly took it for Michael 

This photo gives any and all explanations given for the weekend in Liverpool. 

I'm also a big fool - my mum sent me such a comprehensive package (pasta, chocolate, hair dye and more), I took photo's on my DSLR but forgot and just cleared the card before I'd uploaded them :( sorry mum. I still really appreciated it!!

I've been having lots of fun recently as always, but only really found time for one post a day so the 30 day challenge kinda took priority. I will get better at this! It also makes me realise that I've stopped taking photo's as regularly as I used to so I need to get back on this. 

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