Wednesday, 5 June 2013

day 5 - a time you considered ending your own life

I haven't. certainly not in the suicidal sense. I know that I've been hurt so bad that I thought dying would probably be easier, but I never wanted to die. I've never wanted to die. I love life, I love that everything is different and there are so many different things to explore, learn and do. I would be far more unhappy to end my life than to stick through a really rough patch.

I'm not saying other people who feel those things can't make it through a bad patch - I've not been through things some people have, and I'm a different person who handles things differently anyways. And I'm also not saying I don't understand people who have depression, I know a lot of people with depression and I understand (as well as can be without having it myself), but I am just not inclined that way. Perhaps I have a predisposition to optimism (too much dissertation coming through now).

I have to admit that I find this to be a little bit of a peculiar prompt. I know we're supposed to be getting deep in our posts, but it's day 5 and that would be a heavy topic if somebody had something they felt like they should discuss. Perhaps I'm thinking too much, but I hope everyone only discuss' what they're comfortable sharing.


  1. you do seem to have a predisposition for optimism
    yea, there is just so much to live for, suicide is not the way :/

    1. I unfortunately do have a predisposition for optimism, which is usually great, but in and out when something hits me particularly hard it's like it came from nowhere.

  2. wow deep prompt on day 5, I am glad you do seem to be a positive have a sun in your banner...doesn't that say all :)

  3. I too am an optimistic person. And am hoping we have lighter more fun prompts...Drugs, Alcohol, Religion and Suicide....geeshhhhhhhh
    Sandy's Space Suicide Post