Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Farewell BBQ

During the good weather we had in the first weekend of June, I invited lots of friends to my residence for a farewell BBQ! All of them started their first uni days here as freshers, so it seemed apt for them to come back for the final send off. Everyone brought something to the table and there was plenty of food left over (which never happens!), so it was certainly good. Plus the weather stayed nice which was great.

Too many photo's of friends.. read more! 

Check out Chris' armpit hair. I pulled it twice
Hazza Finds Photography

It was a great day, and so nice to say our final goodbyes to some of our friends. I hope to see them all again one day though :)


  1. I kinda felt like I was facebook stalking while reading this post... Chris is cute hehehehe

    1. Ha, well you are a pro at that ;) haha cheeky! Chris just got a job at Jaguar too..

    2. hopefully he doesn't show his armpit hair...he could braid it tho...yes