Friday, 28 June 2013


I have had THE best day. and I want it documented. forever.

  1. I had a really good dissertation meeting and he said some really nice (and exciting) things about my work, which is always nice to hear.
  2. I met Rosi and my God mum and we had a good catch up whilst looking round a few galleries
  3. I had dinner and a rather long catch up with Theana and Harriet (homemade gyros, delicious) 
  4. I helped some really funny and friendly strangers (both to myself and my city) find a club they'd spent a lot on tickets for but couldn't find/ 
  5. came home to BEAUTIFUL flowers (all my favourites) from my incredddddible boyfriend, all the way from Afghanistan. No I'm kidding, it was from a shop up the road. But he ordered them from Afghan, haha. Just for our anniversary. What a keeper. 
  6. I also had a letter from my great nana which was lovely to receive :)
I have no idea how I'm going to top it but that's okay - it'd been one of a kind :D


  1. wow flowers even when is so far away T.T
    soooo sweet!

  2. love it when you have one of those days!