Monday, 3 June 2013

My views on drugs and alcohol

Erm.. I sometimes drink alcohol. I used to drink alcohol a lot more than I do now (when I was a fresher/an actual fun student), but currently.. I'm not a big fan. I don't like that woosy head feeling you get when you're tipsy, I don't like feeling drunk, I get obnoxiously loud, I don't like how alcohol makes me wake up early the next morning and I don't like feeling hungover.

You're welcome to drink around me though, I'm very happy to sit and be the only sober one in the group, that doesn't bother me at all.

Drugs. As a sub warden, drugs are the bane of my life. There are certain procedures to follow when I catch a student with drugs which are long and boring. I don't personally do drugs, I've tried smoking (sorry mum/grandma) and it's not my cup of tea. I used to enjoy a social smoke when I was drunk with friends but in 2nd year something clicked and I just found it disgusting from then on, and haven't touched one or wanted one since. Other harder drugs, I don't do, I haven't done. Again, I don't mind if you want to do it around me (I will judge you a little bit though), in fact two of my favourite friends have done an array of drugs, but I leave them to it and they don't encourage me. We have a good deal going on. Even harder drugs though, I do not like. I wish they never existed. They ruin people's lives, and families and they created far more negative effects that any positive effect can make up for.


  1. alcohol makes me extremely tired, I am so not fun when I am drunk haha
    also, I don't really mind that much if my friends did drugs but as long as it doesn't start impairing their every day life, it's fine with me :/

  2. You are right ! Drugs can ruin people's lives....

  3. No apologies necessary x x love you x x

  4. so with you on this. sometimes I drink and sometimes I don't and I don't mind if others get stupidly drunk I can have fun sober or tipsy. never really been super drunk, I just hate losing control.

  5. Be careful when around those doing illegal drugs, should they be arrested you could end up in the middle of things. Good for you deciding it wasn't your cup of tea.
    Catching up Drugs and Alcohol