Sunday, 9 June 2013

How you hope your future will be

I don't have a lot for this.
I hope to be happy and healthy.
I hope to have all of my family.
I hope to have a nice house.
I hope to live in a nice area so I can go running when I get in from work and not fear being hurt.
I hope to have a job I don't resent and actually enjoy doing.
I hope to take good food in for my lunch each day (it makes me sad to just take sandwiches).
I hope to have some kind of animal, whether it's a cat or a dog.
I hope it will be littered with holidays and getaways.
I hope to be an avid camper/hiker, trees are so pretty.
I hope my niece will want to come and stay at my house (she can have her own area if not room!).

I don't know, I've failed today but I don't know how to make it better! I only have rough thoughts for my future, I'm not a planner.


  1. Rough thoughts are good!

  2. My dad once shared how he thought it was so sad that some of his co-workers always bring a sandwich for lunch.

  3. sounds like a great future to me..except the camping part..nuh uh thanks!

    1. ha! I am being won round to the idea of camping!

  4. I thought sandwiches were for lunch. Guess it's what you get used to. Nice list, why would your niece come live with you? Is she wanting to not live with her parents?
    What should the future hold

    1. Not to live with me, just to stay in and out. If she fancies :) I plan on being a cool aunt! ha