Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday's Recipe: Chutaneee

Ever since Schmidt said it like that in New Girl Michael does not stop pronouncing it like that, aha. Rosi came over on Sunday for my residence's final gathering (there was a hog roast, inflatable laser quest in a maze, sumo suits, rodeo bulls, bouncy castle and those gladiator baton fighting things) it was a lot of fun although I SUCK on the rodeo bull. I thought I'd be alright but I am the WORST, I couldn't even stay on for more than 22 seconds! Anyways, whatever, I'm good at other stuff. HA!

So that day we also decided that we wanted to try and make some mango chutney. After figuring out that I did indeed have all of the ingredients (bar onion seeds and lemon juice) we decided to hedge our  bets and go for it. We followed this recipe (bar the lemon and onion, as previously mentioned), and we also had tinned mango instead of fresh.

I think Rosi mushed the mango into pulp a bit too well, as it doesn't look like any chutney I've ever eaten, but I guess it does look like the photo. I also forgot that I don't eat chutney in the first place haha, so Rosi took it home. It was a good adventure but I don't think I'd be making it again!

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