Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Interview Trip

The interview didn't go well at all in my opinion, I haven't heard back yet but you know when you just know? Yes, I could have a better outlook, but... in my heart I know. and I'm fine with that - I wouldn't be talking about it now if I was distraught, it's fine. I know what to work on to make it better and I know how to prepare for next time :) Onto the trip as a whole though..

I got up at 6.45, got the bus at 7.20, got the train at 8.11 and travelled backwards until 1.20pm. Then they asked to push my interview back to 3pm rather than 2, so dad and I sat around with a cuppa having a quick catch up.

there was a ramp at the station! kept at the station! I was impressed by this, and very pleased.
Carrying my dress on the hanger- the careers adviser told me to and I felt silly the entire way. 

the obligatory tea and note-reading (supplied by Theana, thank you!)
and then the rest of the day became a blur, so here were dinners drinks too - fun twisty straw. 
almost stole it for Michael but I don't think he would have liked that it was pre used haha

Such a busy couple of days, but I had a lovely time catching up with my parents and a nice sleep in a comfy bed, so there are no complaints my end!


  1. Oh sorry to hear it didn't go well, but hey it's only one interview and you never know, maybe they really liked you :)

    1. Nope, defo didn't.. got rejected! Oh well, I got to see my parents for a day :) thank you for being nice about it though!

  2. Awh Im sorry to hear you dont feel more positive but any interview experience is good in my books! Good luck x

    1. Yeah I think you're definitely right about that :) x