Monday, 24 June 2013


Expect a couple upcoming outfit posts as my friends have been uber generous, gone through their wardrobe of clothes to get rid of and donated them to meeee! I have done the same (it's more like a clothes swap tbh - Harriet's going to be reading this a going, I didn't get any of your clothes, nope you're right, mine went to Gem!) and we all have lovely new items to style. Today I am showing you something from Harriet, which I loveeee and was so sad for her that she was getting rid. It's a pink top from topshop...


Forgot to crop my mirror out of the photos - please forgive me! But yes, it's super beautiful. Definitely gona be my new favourite thing :D


  1. Oh that's smart wearing a tank top under! I have never thought of that! I never wear crop tops because my midriff is not suited for public display lol, but now I might consider wearing crop tops with a tank underneath!

    1. Oh yes! Sometimes it just is not suitable to have it on show, or in fact too chilly, so it's a saving Grace!