Wednesday, 12 June 2013

my day bullet pointed

  • wake up
  • check messages from Michael
  • check emails
  • get up
  • make bed
  • make tea
  • make scrambled eggs
  • check some blogs whilst eating
  • get ready
  • go to post office to post some things
  • buy card and chewing gum
  • get bus to uni (have to take laptop not just lazy)
  • have dissertation meeting
  • finish meeting hungry
  • go to careers centre 
  • discuss job interview
  • walk home talking to my nan
  • eat avocado on toast and try some additions
  • have apple
  • interview prep - thinking of more examples
  • pick Rosi up
  • go to quaint little cinema
  • watch film
  • come home
  • have a shower
  • go to bed.
Looks like it's gona be a good day, eh?


  1. Lol, I just realized from reading yours that I never make my bed.... I reason that if I am gonna be back there in half a day, might as well leave it as is :p

    1. haha, I never used to until I now have too many pillows so I have to take them off my bed when I go to sleep (don't ask) so then in the morning they're all over the place, so I do it for so organisation!

  2. Sounds like you are a busy student!

  3. Whew...had to laugh when I read you got up......after doing several things, checking mail and messages before you get up. My computer's in another room, so I have to get up and move there to use technology.
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