Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekly Roundup #35

It's a long one this week.. I'm pretty sure it's more than one week too! Oh well, more to share :)

Out for lunch with Gem, finished with a bubblegum ice lolly
Dinner cooked by Rosi - Chicken with feta, sun dried tomatoes, tabbouleh and rocket salad

Hanging out with Rosi in our 2nd favourite cafe
having a rabbit pie!
Long long post...

Mmm things on toast

Lunch at work - bagel with bacon and phili
cute bunting at a local independent cinema

haha! shoes at home! so ridiculous.. new style flip flops

The lovely views on the train back from the job interview
and bargain chicken I nabbed on the way back from the station

Lift photos at Fees
Cuddles with Blackie

He's never given so much love in one evening
and Rosi was super excited to have her first English McFlurry

More lunch at work - a freezer feast
mirror pictures at work, I do like this skirt a lot.

Rosi and I made fro-yo with berries and maple syrup
this week at work we've baked loads - almond biscuits, scones and this chocolate cake

another lunch was a very comprehensive plate of nachos - cheese, bacon and onion. 

(recipe from ohdeardrea, and mum.. we need to do this again when I get back!)
Then had root veg chips and gammon with caramalised pineapple

Helping Harriet move out - check out her grandma's travel purse! so cool!!

Boiling water for teaaa
I ate FAR TOO MUCH ice cream last night.. but it was worth it.

So yeah, I've had a real good week, and I have an even better one coming up! I have my last ever subwarden duty, I have probably my last dissertation meeting (just got to finish my conclusion and the whole of it is put together.. hard part starts now!). I have dinner planned with some friends mid week, my God mother is visiting my little city and I'm excited to see her as I haven't in a long while. and at the weekend it's the last time the girls and I can hang out altogether in this city that's treated us so well for the past 4 years!!

I'll try and take more photo's that aren't just food again. I got out of the habit so I need a kick up the bum!


  1. ALL of that in a week? Wow you are having a blast aren't ye!
    Also those flip flops are the most RIDICULOUS thing ever, that steel ball thingy, gosh, who comes up with these designs?!?!?!

    1. I have no idea.. do they expect to be the next big fashion craze or something?! They were incredibly uncomfortable too, but I rarely wear anything but pumps to be fair.