Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nails #11 Ombre

No, my hair is not going to be some bright shade of ginger and auburn.. I mean my nails! I had so much fun trying this technique out. I tried it once before by doing just the nail varnish on the make up sponge, but that was very very thin, so like a good student I research it some more and figured out that people do one colour first, so I chose the pink, and then still do both the colours on the make up sponge to make sure it blends nicely. 

Of course I got better as it as I went along, so I'd rather not show you my right hand, haha! But I am very glad I tried this colour combination, as I wasn't a fan of the orange just by itself, so now I don't need to throw it away! Hooray! and I will definitely be trying this out with more combinations, because I love looking down at my nails and seeing how pretty they are :D

Have you tried this? What technique do you use?


  1. Good job, I love ombre nails, it can never look bad!

    1. Oh it can!! Ha, I've tried doing it a couple of ways and they looked awful, glad I've got it down now. I think it's just because you're so good at nails in general that you think this stuff is easy :p