Friday, 3 May 2013

Surprise Parcels :)

I got TWO lovely parcels this week, which was such a nice surprise. One was from my moma, and one from my friend Jess who's just got back from America. I'm also gona tag on a present that my friend Rosi got me from her travels around the UK and some of Europ

(I got too excited and ripped it open as soon as I saw it)

It was such a comprehensive package! I am a lucky girl.

Strawberry hand wash, taffy and my first Essie nail varnish!! So spoiled!! 

and from Rosi I got some kind of chocolates (shaped like flowers) from Italy
and Whisky from Ireland! 


  1. Oh that chocolate looks beautiful! I love surprises in the mail :) I am the only person in my family that is allowed to check the mail because I love getting mail so much :D

    1. That's such a cool family duty! I think I was like that with answering the home phone when I was younger haha. Post is definitely a favourite of mine, I've just started pen-palling with my great grandparents! x