Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 9, Thursday: A moment in your day

Well it's already happened. Perhaps I'll add something in a bit later, but yeah.

I woke up knowing I needed to make a doctors appointment, so I grabbed my diary, laid in bed and dialed the number. Whilst it was ringing I remembered I hadn't actually spoken yet today (having been up 20 minutes max) and that the poor receptionist was going to have some kind of groggy tone speaking to them. Before I could even cough the sleep away, she picked up.

Boom. Frog. 'Er sorry can you repeat that?' *cough* yes, I'd like to make an appointment please.

Argh, my life.


  1. LOL I always forget I haven't spoken yet and then I ended up sounding like Emma Stone

    1. If only I could pull it off like her! haha

  2. Oh yes, the croaky morning voice ;)