Friday, 3 May 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable.

This one took a little bit of thinking (and if I'm honest, a bit of peeking at the happy sloths) to figure out what made me uncomfortable.
  1. Couples who bicker/argue in front of you. Are you supposed to interject? Cause I'm likely to have an opinion on it, and you're doing it right in front of me, so should I say something? I always go with a safe and clear no. But it definitely makes me uncomfortable, because I don't know where to look, or when is good to move the conversation on or if I should excuse myself and leave you two to it... please give me some direction if we're ever caught in this position.
  2. People who don't take no for an answer. If you got a no out of me that's an achievement in itself; I don't like being/seeming/coming across as rude, so I usually try and find a more polite way of saying it. So if I've already said 'sorry, not today/no thank you/sorry no', then please don't continue to pressure me. I don't want to sponsor you, I already sponsor other people, I don't want your amazing loyalty card, and if I wanted any of your other offers today, I would have picked them up before I got to the till. I'm sorry, but it's a big fat no and you make my skin itch and my neck sweat when you continue to ask me, please just leave it.
  3. Feeling fat. There's nothing worse than feeling bad in your own skin, and on one of those days where you're bloated and you got a spot and no sleep so you have puffy eye bags, you definitely did not need to see your reflection in that un-flattering shop window. I hate that following the unfortunate incident I have to continue on with my day, making unsuspecting strangers and fellow members of the public endure my appearance. I also hate it after you've had the biggest meal and you feel all bloaty and fat, yeah, that just makes me feel uncomfortable in my self and my confidence. 
  4. Putting people out. I said an extra thank you because I was really grateful, not as a hint for you to get more more. Yes, I'm paying for this dinner and it tastes like crap, but I don't want to complain about it. No, I haven't got the right change, but I can do without 60p. I think it's the British in me, but I just can't handle speaking up for myself when somethings wrong. I'm not a push over, and it's a totally different story if something's up for my sister, or my friend - then you don't want to mess with me - but if it's just for me, I'd rather deal than cause a fuss. 
  5. When you catch someone staring at your chest. I never have my chest out. I think I own two items of clothing that are low cut, because it just makes me feel sick when I catch someone looking. I know I sound ridiculous, and that I clearly check out other people (ha!) but I just feel really icky when someone does it to me. I don't know why, I just always have. So please overt your eyes, ha. 

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  1. I agree with the first one the most! And not just when they bicker, also when they are acting too lovely dovey, I think it's pretty rude and inconsiderate of them, it's like hello, there are other people around, please don't act like you are the only two people in the world.
    But then again, I have never been in love, so maybe it's not in my place to say :p

    1. No I agree, I don't mind people holding hands or you know, a quick kiss, but yeah full on making-out just makes me uncomfortable. and no pet names (in general) but at least not in public.